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The Historic Rally Association was formed in 1992. Twenty five years on, the HRA now boasts a membership of over 800 from most states of Australia and has grown to be one of the premier rally clubs in Australia...About the HRA



“Down The Drain” Touring Assembly - Provisional Results

Provisional results are now available on the RHS panel of the Down the Drain event page - click HERE

Ken Harper - Eulogies

Kim Harper "had one of the kids in the office" put together the eulogies and pictorial card onto one PDF file, as a number of members than couldn’t make it to the memorial service (and some who were there) have asked for copies, thanks Kim

“Down The Drain” Touring Assembly - Instructions & Solutions

Instructions & Solutions for the "Down the Drains" touring assembly are now available on the RHS panel of the event's page.

Millard Memorial Trial

Just a reminder that the Millard Memorial Trial has been rescheduled and will be running on the 13th of October. I am told that it is running as a multiclub event. Keep your eyes on the SEAC website for supp regs which will be available soon. Note; It is not a round of the HRA championship.

“Down The Drain” Touring Assembly - Sunday 30 Sept 2012

Further Regulations are now available on the right pane of the event's page, click HERE

A tribute to Ken Harper - Wednesday the 26th of Sep, 3pm

A tribute to HRA Life Member, Ken Harper will be held on Wednesday the 26th of Sept at 3 P.M. at the East Malvern RSL (Stanley Grose Drive Melways Ref 60 A12) in the Park View Room on the first floor. This is the usual meeting room for HRA meetings as regularly attended by Ken. The tribute will be conducted by Bob Watson, Lee Harper & Kim Harper.

2012 HRA Championship - scores to date

HRA championship scores as of the 13th of Sept are now available - click HERE

HRA 20th Anniversary Dinner - 19th January 2013 - Supp Regs & Entry Form

The HRA Committee is pleased to announce that the Guest Speaker for the 20th Anniversary Dinner is COLIN BOND

Membership renewals

Our hard working membership secretary Kate Officer, will be away for the last two weeks of September, so if you need a new membership card please get in touch with her before she departs.

2012 Drive for Life! - Sunday 21st October

The HRA is getting behind a social drive day along the lines of a navigational tour to support fundraising for suicide prevention projects.

HRA member Allan Young explains the motivation for the event.


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