Repco Re-Run 09


Hi all,
Only a bit over two months to go now!

The biggest happening in the past few weeks has been the official course check, we took two vehicles and two checkers and got it all done in 6 days including finalising sub events and dinner venues and talking to residents around the course. Without exception the residents were enthusiastic towards the event and many had first hand experience of watching the cars go past in 1979. Some related their experiences of other rallies dating back as far as the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon which used similar routes in part.

Two sub events have been added, Broken Hill Speedway where the locals still talk about Colin Bond destroying their lap record during the 1978 Donlee Rally and another on Kalabity Station. The owner, Richard Nitsche is a long time rally enthusiast and will be on hand to watch us pass through. A interesting piece of rally nostalgia from 1968 will be on hand at the Wirrealpa Homestead as we drop in for afternoon tea.

The course checker's impression of the event was that it will be challenging even without timing the Repco Stages. There is a running schedule to be met and although in most cases it is easy to cut and run there will be WD and missed section penalties if you do. Having said that the event is not a car breaker and you will be able to rest and socialise each night, so a much more palatable experience than the non stop grind that was 1979!
You can make the event as easy or as hard as you like, a high proportion of the route is on dirt but you could even stay on the bitumen, albeit with a large number of missed controls, if you really wanted to.

There are current photos of the route on the back of the supp regs to whet your appetite.

We are hoping for a large turn out of people at Tooborac on the first day and we will be promoting this lunch to people who aren't able to enter the rerun as a standalone reunion for those who were present at or can remember the Repco.
Please return your entries ASAP, this will make it easier for us to organise numbers for the various sub events and functions and also to construct the overall running schedule for the event.

This style of event is always difficult to score because it is always on the move and is more complex that a straightforward rally but we have been fortunate to obtain the services of legendary Victorian rally scorer Garry Hodgkiss for the event and are aiming to have results available on a regular basis throughout the event.

Graham Wallis 0429 939619

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