2009 Bagshot Rallysprint.

The HRA are proud to be running the Bagshot Rallysprint. 

Bagshot was a great HRA event in 2007…2009 saw it used again for the REPCO Re-run.
Saturday October 3rd this year it is on again.
We are using the long course of 5.1k and depending on time three runs in either direction with the last two in the evening.
The event will have local catering with start time at 2.30pm.
Roll cages not required but full harness seat belts and helmets are.
It’s a great track..come out for some Rallysprint fun.

For supp regs click on file below.


Supp Regs Bagshot Rallysprint 3-10-2009.pdf210.53 KB
Bagshot 2009 Unofficial scores.pdf22.99 KB