Porter's Paints Rallye des Pyrenees


Go rallying in the south of France …… well, almost!

With the postponement of the Blue Ribbon Rally until later in the year, round 1 of the 2007 HRA Rally Championship will now be the Porter’s Paints Rallye des Pyrenees on the night of Saturday 12th May.

With the generous support of Kim Harper and Porter’s Paints, the event will take crews through the forested hills surrounding the Pyrenees Highway in west-central Victoria, using roads that were once regularly used for rallying but have not seen a rally car since the late 1990s.

The directing team has selected a wide variety of roads on which to test the abilities of competitors. Teamwork will be the key to success - accurate navigating and timekeeping, precise driving and car reliability.

The roads selected for the event range from some that would do justice to a WRC event, through mountain logging roads, to tight twisty tracks typical of the Goldfields forests. While some roads are a little “bony” in places, the event has been set in a road car on road tyres and has been designed not to be a car breaker. The occasional rougher section will be well cautioned.

Navigational requirements will vary throughout the event, but will generally involve straightforward plotting & scaling on the latest edition 1:50,000 topographic maps, which are very accurate. Achievable average speeds in the 60-70km/h range have been set on competitive sections, timed to the second and scored to the minute. We expect a number of crews to clean a number of sections but we believe no crew will clean them all.

The event will run under the Touring Road Event format and organisers will continue to differentiate this style of event (Historic Navigation Trial) from modern forest racing.

Competitors will require a Level 2NS licence or superior. While it is not compulsory for competition vehicles to be fitted with rollover protection, it is highly recommended, as is the wearing of helmets on competitive forest sections.

Because safety is such a critical factor in events these days there will be liberal use of Wrong Way Go Back boards, arrows and bunting. Only competitors that stray too far off the prescribed route will encounter these, and only where the directing team feel it necessary to protect those living near the rally route or to prevent wayward crews encountering other rally traffic.

The event will be based out of the township of Elmhurst, approximately 200km from Melbourne. The first car will start at 6:00pm and finish at around 10:30pm. Crews will cover approximately 120km of competitive sections and 90km of transport sections. There will be a single service break (at the start/finish location) after 50km of competitive distance, however no pump fuel is available nearby and crews must bring their own fuel supplies. 24 hour fuel is available in Ballarat on the way home after the event.

For crews wishing to stay overnight after the event, there is camping space available at the Elmhurst Recreation Reserve (which is also the service area) at a cost of $10 per site.

We look forward to receiving your entry ……
and don’t forget that every HRA Rally Championship event you enter gives you a discount off your entry fee to the 2007 Alpine Rally !

Dave Gallacher
Clerk of Course

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