Tip Toe thru the Tulips

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Welcome to the HRA Tip Toe thru the Tulips, an Tulip Rallye which is set to run on Sunday, June 10th, 2007 as Round 3 of the HRA Touring Championship.

Tip Toe thru the Tulips follows on from last year’s event and it promises to be an event that is once again both unique and different from other HRA Events.

It will be an all Bitumen event, no grotties and no gravel to be found, unless of course you’re on the wrong road, a perfect opportunity to bring out the Exotica!

The event will comprise of several sub-events with first car booked out at 12 noon, Commencing in Rowville, crews will depart for a tour of the surrounding countryside whilst en-route to The GRAYN Restaurant, which will be the base for the remainder of the event.

After arrival at The GRAYN, the next sub-event will start at 13:30. Once more a foray into the bucolic regions of Gippsland, will be spearheaded from The GRAYN.

It is expected that the first car will be “home” by 17:00 in time pre-dinner drinks prior to the commencement of dinner. There will be no night- time event this year.

Various methods of presenting the route using tulips will be presented, such as Tulips on the Ground, Tulips on the Map, and just to be different we’ll ask you to make your own Tulips, your opportunity to prove how easy it is to create your own roadbook. (Just like Stuart likes it)!

An early completion to the event will allow all crews to celebrate in a convivial atmosphere at the conclusion for the customary (now traditional) post-event tales…

Each sub-event will allow additional time before closure of controls, which will allow crews to re-trace their route back to the start if required.

Easy, sure is…. although, we are sure that it will still provide sufficient challenges for navigators of all experience levels whilst allowing drivers to enjoy the roads of Gippsland.

Accurate and consistent navigation coupled with steady driving will enable all crews to complete the course.

The entry fee is $80, which includes two (2) $20 vouchers for meals. The field is limited to 30 crews, so early entry for crews competing in the Touring Championship is vital.

Additional meal packages are available for additional crew, support etc. Full details are in the Supplementary Regulations , which are available from hra.org.au or e-mail tulips@hra.org.au.

Look forward to your entry,

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