“Down The Drain” Touring Assembly - Sunday 30 Sept 2012

The Event will be run on public roads in the famous “Drains Country”. This is the area south of the Princes Highway between Nar Nar Goon and Drouin. The entry fee is $60 per car. The roads are all suitable for any family car and the course will be checked in a lowered Toyota MR2!!!

No special licence is required for first time competitors so it is the ideal way to get started in motorsport. No special equipment other than some form of map board, pencils and is required but a compass is highly recommended, even a hand held model is acceptable.

The Start, Lunch Break and Finish will be located at a picnic area off the Princes Highway near the entrance to Gumbuya Park about 45 km from Dandenong. Free tea and coffee will be available at the start from 9.00am. A BBQ lunch will be provided for all competitors.

Remember that you will be on public roads at all times and you are required to obey all speed limits and road signs. This is not a test of speed in any way.

The first car will start at 10.30am with instructions and maps for the first two sections available from 9.00am. All maps and roamers will be supplied. A master map of the area will also be supplied.

The event will be run in three sections and all crews, both Novice and Expert, will compete in the first two sections.

The first two sections will comprise the Novice part of the event and will total 105Km.

The first section will be an introductory run to ease novices into the concepts used in navigation events.

The second section will be more difficult and start to put the novices to a real test of their ability. This section will finish back at the start location with a BBQ lunch.

All crews will be scored on these two sections with only novices eligible for the Novice Awards.

The third section covering another 105Km will be aimed at the experts and, combined with the first two, will count towards the HRA Touring Championship.

Novice crews may elect to compete in the Experts section and will be scored for the full event as well as the Novice event. They do not have to decide to do this third section until they have completed the first two sections.


This event will use only positive scoring. This means anytime you do something correctly you will receive points, anytime you miss something or enter a manned point from the wrong direction you receive nothing.

Correct recording of any Information 10 Points
Correct direction of entry into any Manned point 20 Points
Arrival at any Manned Passage 10 Points
Arrival at Major Control within late time 200 Points

The only exceptions to these rules will be:
Entering an “Out of Bounds” area - 20 Points
Any detected breach of Traffic Regulations - 100 Points

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