Bagshot 2014

We have now reached our field limit of 40 cars. We will now take up to 5 entries for reserves, who will get a run if there are any withdrawals prior to the event.
There are a number of TBA Co-drivers, if you could let me know who they are soon it would be appreciated.
Thanks, Col Hardinge

Driver 1st name Driver Surname Co-Driver 1st name Co-driver Surname Car Make Car Model Vehicle Group
Alan Chambers TBA Volvo 244 SCC
John Rawson TBA Nissan Stanza H81
Owen Polanski Adam Boulter Nissan Skyline R30 PM SCC
Adam Boulter Owen Polanski Nissan Skyline R30 PM SCC
Alan Upton Mark Laidlay Datsun 1600 H68
Andrew Crimson Mitch Garrad Datsun 1600 H68
Raymond Garrad Shane Walters Datsun Skyline P81
Matt deVaus Mitch Garrad Datsun Skyline P81
Michelle Johns TBA Holden Astra PM
Adrian Johns Michelle Johns Holden Astra PM
Les Shadwick David Johns Mazda 808 H81
David Johns Les Shadwick Mazda 808 H81
Andrew Taylor Ben Courtney Datsun Sunny P81
Ben Courtney Andrew Taylor Datsun Sunny P81
Luke Sytema TBA Ford Escort RS1800 CRC
Terence Brooks Michael Trucano Fiat 131 P81
Richard Bos Stefan Bos Volvo 240 SCC
Graham Pate Glen McAliece Datsun 180B P81
Peter Schey TBA Mazda RX7 GTU PM
Ron King Geoff Floyd Datsun P510 CRC
Tim Reynolds Lachlan Reynolds Datsun 180B CRC
Rod Martin Brendon Paynting Torana XU-1 H81
Brendon Paynting Rod Martin Subaru WRX ORV
Rob Vermeer Mitch Ahern Datsun 1200 Coupe ORV
Andrew Friend Alan Friend Ford Escort Mk II H81
Graham Wallis Phil Nicholas Peugeot 205 PM
Tony Moore John Hardiman Ford Fiesta PM
David Brown David Burn Datsun 1600 H68
David Burn David Brown Datsun 1600 H68
David Musgrave Mitch Ahern Datsun 1600 P81
Peter Canning Jessica Canning Datsun 1600 PM
Shannon Fitcher Callum Oakey Datsun 1600 P81
Campbell Eastwood Andrew Crimson Datsun Stanza CRC
Stuart Lawless Darcy O'Connor Ford Escort ORV
Russ Day Paul Rodset Peugeot 405 SCC
Alan Friend
Patrick Hunter Bill Hunter Datsun Stanza P81
Tristan Penhall Jolie Middleton Subaru WRX STI ORV
Gary Kendrick Braeden Kendrick Datsun 1600 P81
Glen Raymond TBA Mazda RX7 GTU PM