Kingswood Country HRA Standard Car Series

Hi all. Surprise surprise...!
The task of find another Autocross date is not easy..!!
March 1 is unsuitable however it has come to pass that the Pakenham Auto Club are holding a trial
Autocross at their new facility on the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend March 8th.
This will not work for everyone however it might just pick up a few who missed Jan 31st.
Will send out Supp Regs when they are available.
We will still score the Autocross Series off 5 events.
Also if you have perused your HRA event calendar you will see that The Drive for Life has been
scheduled fro 6th of September the day after the Moonlight Meander both of which we have made part of the Standard Car Series Rally Series.
This is something we will have to deal with...stand by for further discussion.
Anyway the George Woods is our first Rally event.
I have ordered new car stickers which I will have at the event start.
Hoping for a bumper Kingswood Country SCS entry.
Supp Regs HERE
Rob Cranston