Rich River Trial


14 Sep 2007: Provisional Results now available.
See attachements at the bottom of this page.  Includes letter from the Clerk of Course, and a list of awards.

12 Aug 2007: Entry List and Further Regs now available
See Attachments at the bottom of this page.

11 Aug 2007: Sunday Brunch on a Paddlesteamer after the Rich River
What better way to spend Sunday morning after the Rich River than with a leisurely brunch cruise on historic paddlesteamer, Pride of the Murray?

31 July 2007: Rich River Route Finalised
The route for the 2007 Rich River on Saturday 18th August has now been finalised. The roads are currently in excellent shape with only some small sections affected by standing water which, in the flat riverplain country, just does not easily drain away!

31 July 2007: Preview updated
Steuart has sent through some more recent route pics, inlcuding some from the final route check (see News ).  See the latest route pics in Rich River Trial - a preview .

14 July 2007: Rich River Trial - a preview
Steuart has sent through some pictures of the roads in the Murray River forests around Echuca-Moama to show what's in store.

14 July 2007: Rich River Trial Update
Planning is well underway for the running of the 2007 Rich River Trial, to be held on Saturday 18th August, at Echuca on the Murray River in north-central Victoria.

29 June 2007: Supp Regs, Accomodation details and Newsletter
See Attachments at the bottom of this page for Supp Regs, a letter from Echuca Moama about accommodation and Event Newsletter #3.


About the Rich River...

The 2007 Rich River Trial is a round of the 2007 HRA Rally Championship and will be held on Saturday 18th August.

It will be a Multi-Club event that seeks to relive the great ‘historic’ trials of the 1960s and ‘70s. As a result, it will run under the Touring Road Event format that differentiates these Historic Navigational Trial style of events from modern, special stage forest ‘racing’.

The aim of the event is to incorporate an element of adventure by visiting unusual and non-traditional rally country - many of the roads selected for the event have not been used in past events over the last 30+ years.

Based at Echuca on the Murray River, the event will be conducted in the Bama, Moira and Barmah Forests of the Rich River country. These roads of this area offer a good variety of driving surfaces and conditions (with the potential for sand dunes, swollen rivers, mud, yumps, gates etc) which reflect some of the features of historic rallying and the unique challenges that the Rich River forests have to offer.

In fact, the smooth, soft roads of the Rich River country and the touring road style of the event will be very encouraging for those who might wish to use road cars and/or road tyres.

The 2007 Rich River Trial will be conducted over two divisions. The first division will be an afternoon section touring the Rich River countryside to the east of Echuca, finishing in time for a bite of dinner. Division 2 will follow the theme of the 1977 Datsun Riverland, using some of the exact same route and instructions (route charts) from that event, where possible.

This event aims to be both different and memorable, and something that will attract crews to enjoy a late winter weekend away in sunny Echuca and the delightful Rich River country.

For further details, contact:
Steuart Snooks
Direct: (03) 9803 8222
Mobile: 0413 830 772

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