The Shortest Day Returns!

The Shortest Day returns on the 21st. June 2015 as the Byron Bay Shortest Day Cookie Classic.

Winter is generally a pretty depressing time, usually cold, wet & windy, so for your pleasure and enjoyment we would like to drag you out away from your warm and cosy nooks and give you an adventure, something that to our knowledge hasn’t been attempted before.

The Winter Solstice this year coincides with a Sunday, so the shortest day of the year is truly The Shortest Day and in celebration our good friends at Byron Bay Cookies Company have agreed to sponsor the celebration!

Now, to add some detail on how this is all going to work. I wrote previously that it was not going to be mind numbing and definitely not a drive in ever decreasing circles looking for an A5 piece of corflute with a symbol & number on it, whist surveying Brother Peter lamented that the simplicity associated with events had “disappeared”. We spent the rest of the day surveying, looking and chatting about how we could revive or originate something very easy, yet required some basic thought and map reading.

This is an attempt at just that. Call it a Pleasant Sunday Drive (PSD) or an Excursion, all the tricks and traps that would normally be associated with a Touring Assembly have been eliminated. Hence it is NOT a Touring Assembly, nor a Rally or TRE. There is no CAMS definition for this, so it isn’t a competition of the CAMS variety. I’d like to think of it as an Excursion to places unknown.

Not being a CAMS event it also opens the doors to the many HRA members who do not have a CAMS Competition Licence, we are hoping that this appeals to those forgotten, yet important and valuable members to take the opportunity to join in the spirit of The Shortest Day.

With a history of Shortest Days of old, It was very difficult for me to do this, but under pain of torture, (no sausage at the conclusion), I conceded that it would be a brilliant idea to keep it plain and simple, albeit with a twist.

So bear with me….this is the concept.

The BBSDCC (try humming that) will consist of several route Sections, each of which will have a Start & Finish Control, very similar to a Rally. At each Control a map, instructions and Target Distance to arrive at the next Control will be issued. Along the route, there may also be Passage Controls or questions may be used to verify compliance with the Official Route. In every Section there is an Excursion Point, which requires everyone to travel to in order to achieve the Target Distance.

BBSDCC Rules and entry form are below... (please use the Entry For V1.2.pdf)

2015 Sday E&T Rules.doc76 KB
2015 Sday E&T Rules.pdf95.56 KB
2015 Sday Revised Entry Form V1.2.pdf11.13 KB