HRA member enters 2016 Arctic Lapland Rally!

HRA member Tracey Dewhurst has been given an opportunity of a lifetime announcing her entry in the 2016 Arctic Lapland Rally to be held from 28-30th January in Finland.

Tracey was venturing on her own 6 week adventure, which coincidently included a return to the Arctic Lapland rally, received an opportunity this time to compete. “It was four days before departing Australia, so those last four days were intense trying to arrange everything for my upgrade to International licence. Thankfully ARC championship operations manager, Katie Philps assisted the processing of everything after I left. She was amazing in helping this come together.”

Since attending The Arctic Lapland Rally in 2014, The event and the Finnish rally community made an impact on Tracey. It has since been an event set as one to do in the future.
“I made some great friendships on my last visit, which have continued and so when Kari knew I was coming, it all fell into place”.

“The challenge of competing in such a different environment and conditions to what I am used to, is what has drawn me to this rally. It is winter in Finland, so the majority of this event will be held in Twilight and darkness and some extreme temperatures. My West Australian State rallying will come in handy here with pacenoted stages in the dark”

“I have many emotions right now, a little nervous, but so excited to have the chance to experience some of those Finnish crests. Although I may not have time to look, everything being white.. I will have to super on the ball not to fall off the notes on this one, especially in the dark.”

Tracey will join a 4 car team for the event, entered by Makela Auto Tuning Pty Ltd, with Tracey joining Dominique Savignoni in their Group N Subaru WRX STI to call the notes.

“Dominque is an experienced Driver but an even more accomplished Co Driver, He has competed at many WRC events throughout Europe, his most recent driver - Francois Delecour. I plan to learn a lot from him hopefully.”

“This chance to compete possibly extends from my last visit. I quickly stepped in to assist another driver at the last minute to do Recce due to his Co driver becoming ill, it went smoothly and I didn't get anyone lost so I guess that was noticed ” jokes Tracey

Held in and surrounding Rovaniemi, Finland the Arctic Lapland Rally is the only international event of its kind to use solely ice and snow-covered roads, with temperatures between -20 to -35 are The Ultimate in Conditions, with the Arctic landscape, temperatures, plenty of ice and snow and a suitably challenging track, making this one of the most demanding events on the Finland Rally Championship calendar.

The event will be held for the 51st time on Rovaniemi's wild terrain. The Arctic Lapland Rally is Round One of the Finnish Rally Championship, and the longest of all 6 events in the year long competition.

Total distance of the rally is about 829.05 km, including 10 special stages, special stages distance will be about 252.77 km.

To follow Tracey on this exciting event, follow Arctic Lapland Rally & Rally TV pages on Facebook.
Tracey will also no doubt have the phone on hand to send in between stage updates! if the phone hasn't frozen up.

She concludes with “I've also entered under HRA”!! It was accepted too!!!