Down the Drains Supp Regs!

Are you able to read a map? Or are you a slave to your satnav?

We are again running this popular event generally in the “Drains” country, using quiet bitumen and gravel roads.

The event is designed so that any family car can compete. Last time the event ran it was won by a crew in a Toyota Prius!

The whole aim of the event is for competitors to have an enjoyable day cruising on country roads without becoming lost, but rather, missing the occasional information board along the way.

There are three Sections:
Section 1 – Very simple, designed to ease new competitors into touring assembly navigation
Section 2 – A little more challenging but still targeting novice competitors
Section 3 – The “Experts” section, a full on navigation exercise

The event is run in two categories, first is the Novice part which is Sections 1 and 2 combined. Then the Experts category which is scored on all three sections.

Each section starts and finishes at the one location, with a break for a barbeque lunch between 12.30 and 2.00 pm.

Book in is from 8.30 am with a start time for the first car of 10.00am

Free tea, coffee and water is available from 8.30 with a barbeque lunch provided from 12.00 onwards.

Full Supplementary Regulations and entry forms are available here:

2017 DtD Supp Regs V2.5.pdf346.51 KB