Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial

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Round Australia adventure is go!

A Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial in the style of the traditional Round Australia events has now been confirmed for 2008.

The commitment to stage the 10-day 6,500km outback event follows an enthusiastic response from potential entrants by the end of July, with more than 70 participants already pledging to enter.

“The interest in the event has been overwhelming,” said organiser and former Australian Rally Champion Bob Watson.  “Based on this, we have made the firm decision to proceed.”

Starting in Alice Springs and finishing at Australia’s round of the World Rally Championship– Rally Australia – on the Queensland Gold Coast, the event has been designed as a true adventure in the 45-year tradition of classic trials.

Entrants in Historic, Classic and Production rally cars built prior to 1986.

However a special highlight, not available to pioneering Round Australia drivers is the possibility that the ‘Centre to Coast’ drivers may in front of the public over some of the Special Stages used by the WRC cars.

The 2008 WRC calendar and hence the date for Rally Australia has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be staged in mid-September next year.

Now that the decision to run the event has been made, potential entrants will need to get busy, as for reasons of accommodation and other logistics, the field may be limited to 120 cars.

“We would obviously like to run more, but to keep the authentic flavour of a traditional Round Australia event it may not be possible,” said Bob Watson.

Intending competitors will need to complete an ‘Application for Invitation to Compete’, which the organisers will consider before issuing an invitation to compete.

Entry in the Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial costs $5,500 for the Trial category and $4,250 for the less-competitive Challenge category, both prices including GST.

Interested parties should contact Bob Watson on (03) 9646 1066 for detailed event information, or email

(Note: The HRA has received permission from the event organisers to ustilise pictures and information from the official web site and reproduce it on the HRA website. We thank the organisers of the event for this privelege and look forward to following the event with great interest.)

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