2007 Tayell Automotive Touring Assembly

This year’s Tayell Automotive Touring Assembly will be conducted in the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula area.

As always, the Tayell Automotive Touring Assembly has been designed to suit all levels of competitors; novice or experienced, our aim is not to get anyone hopelessly lost, just a little confused as to the exact location of a via point or two.

The Tayell Automotive Touring Assembly has been set so that you may easily complete it in a standard road car. In fact, to keep the event as low profile as possible we would prefer that you compete in absolutely standard cars (i.e. no war paint, loud exhausts etc). Please note that there will be an award for absolutely standard cars, i.e. those without additional odometers, compasses, etc. The directing team surveyed the event in a low slung, standard car, so rest assured that there will be no need to use any ‘grotties’, just some bitumen and gravel roads with the odd pothole.

You will only be allowed to be use the official maps and these will be supplied at the start.

The cost of entry will be $50.00 per crew, which will include all instructions and maps.

We look forward to your joining us for an enjoyable drive.

Rick Hartmann.
Clerk of Course.

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