George Woods Introductory Trial

Supp Regs now available for the George Woods Introductory Trial.  While this is not part of the HRA Championship, it involves lots of HRA members and is a cracker way to start the year.

The George Woods Introductory Trial...

  • is designed as an introduction to rallying for competitors with little or no experience
  • uses the best roads in the Powelltown Noojee area, suitable for a sensibly driven road car
  • costs only $130 to enter, good value for around 140 Km of competitive sections
  • has navigation by simple map reading with many, many "Wrong Way Go Back" boards
  • has times set to be achievable without the need to break the road laws – provided no navigation errors are made is aimed at new competitors; only Grade F (Rookie) and Grade E (Novice) crews are eligible for outright awards; other crews may compete, so long as they are in the “other seat” (a chance to give sponsor, partner or son/daughter an experience)
  • encourages family crews, lady crews and young competitors to participate.

So read the supplementary regulations, complete and post the entry form straight away.

See you in the forest.
Glad, Kathryn, Alan, Nick, and other members of the directing team.

Enquiries to Glad Fish:
03-5944-3821 or 03-5940-2727

GW 2008 Supp Regs.pdf302.95 KB



The George Woods has been run and won and again many HRA members finished well up in the field. Glad Fish again ran a fantastic event that was challenging for all who participated. 1st outright was Adam Bloomfield driving his Holden Commodore with HRA member Kimberley Barson performing the navigational duties.

Other HRA teams that were successful were:2nd Tony Huggins/Sarah Curry Datsun Stanza, =3rd Scott Allan/Dale Allan Datsun 240K, 5th Steve white /Geoff Portman Saab 99EMS, 6th Matt Philip/Ric Bainbridge Mercedes 300SE, 7th Julian White/Derrick White Peugeot 504, 9th Rob Bride/Jenny Pollock Saab 9000, 10th Geoff Hale/Alan Baker Volkswagen Golf, 11th Darren Bride/Josie Shaw Saab 99 13th Rob Cranston/Tom Latta Toyota Celica and 15th Zac Edwards/Mel Edwards  Peugeot 505.

Congratulations to all those who finished and to the many who scored a DNF for various reasons.